Chiang Rai- The White Temple



  • What to see in Chiang Rai:

Great day in Chiang Rai.  I was on an organised day trip that picked me up from the front door of my hostel in Chiang Mai and included a buffet lunch which consisted of delicious thai food, an English speaking guide who was so funny yet gave us interesting information on everything,  a visit to the well known White Temple, the hot springs, the hill tribes, the long necks,  the Golden triangle and a boat ride across the third longest river in Asia, to Laos. To say it was one of the best days I’ve had so far is an understatement.  I met great and well travelled people and took in all the locations had to offer. I may have gone a bit crazy with souvenirs but hey, they are cheap, nice present and great souvenirs to cherish for life.

  • Mango sticky rice:

For those who know rice pudding, it tastes like that with coconut milk and mango. I wish I had more but I will definitely be picking some of that up from the food stalls over the rest of my stay. I have gone a bit fruit obsessed these last two weeks but I guess that’s never a bad thing. To put it shortly, try it. Mango sticky rice is a treat to your taste buds, so fresh and so delicious.

  • Thoughts:

With what I’ve seen today and the people I have encountered (with amazing travel stories), have been the ultimate confirmation that I want to take time off the hectic every day life in Europe, grab my camera and my backpack and set off.
As the Buddhists say, don’t plan far ahead. (I was thinking about doing another back pack journey in 4 years). Live by the day. Today is promised. Tomorrow is not. So after the summer, a couple of exams at uni,  I’m going to set off again.

  • Technology:

My phone broke when I was in the Phi Phi islands in the south and the first few days were like a terrible withdrawal. Now, apart from communicating with family once a day at night to say all well, I’m not fazed at all by the absence. My camera is important to me as I love to share my trips with others but apart from that, I know I’m definitely getting more out of life without being attached to a screen that unfortunately these days is all too common.


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