As I promised I’ll write about every experience, be it negative or positive. Let’s admit it, every city has its good and bad. Let’s just say that last night I got a tiny bit lost on way from airport (underestimation!!!) and we ended up in a rough part of town. Rough meaning, a lot of people that were staring a bit too much, tuc tuc drivers that couldn’t let us think without asking whether we needed a ride to somewhere (you’ll get a lot of that!) and a lot of garbage at the side of the street (consequently leaving a strong odor in the air).

After the first night’s experience, I told myself to not judge the city too soon. And thank gosh I gave it another chance. Day one, Bangkok in light (and not getting lost) was a complete different city. I saw no big garbage piles so that’s left behind me.

All I can think of and praise now is the city’s colour, happiness, monuments, smells, tastes and culture.

Amazing. Had a great day!

Day two in Bangkok:

Covered quite a lot.
Golden mount
Tuc tuc experience (very mad driving involved)
Dusit park (34℃ in full sun but great things to see, little did I know that 34℃ would be a “cool” day)
Dusit palace (a.m.a.z.i.n.g)

Remember water, camera and to get some fruit shakes (which will become your go to refreshment throughout the day)


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